Security in tech is riddled with misconceptions and ignorance. We are so frustrated with security in general that we have begun to passionately create articles, white-papers, and books aiming to educate the general public.

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We value security above almost all else when it comes to application development and infrastructure. Too often, product companies are lax or uneducated in the best security practices, and as such build software that ends up breached some months or years later. To counter these measures, we focus on supporting test frameworks, educating our team, and performing audits on our applications.

Great security starts by prioritizing it on day one. Our team takes security very seriously. By continually assessing vulnerabilities we stand to build more secure products and companies, reducing zero-day vulnerabilities and having better physical security that scales and stays consistent.

To learn more about security in general, we have a free ebook titled Confessions of a Hacker written by our very own Clayton McIlrath. In this book, you will learn not only about the history and thinking of hackers but also some easy tricks and misconceptions about security which will help you make your own systems more secure.