Teaching other Unicorns

It is our opinion, that a Unicorn should not need to be scarce and hard to find, but instead that anyone can become a Unicorn, given the proper guidance, opportunity, and education.

Education is a field that we care about deeply. Half of our team is from Ivy League schools and traditional universities, and the other is self-educated. This mixture of education backgrounds—combined with our love for making the world better through technology—helps us understand what works and what doesn't in education. It is our opinion that a Unicorn should not need to be scarce and hard to find. Given the proper guidance, opportunity, and training: anyone can become a Unicorn.


It can be challenging to implement EdTech correctly. Even with grants and proper funding, EdTech products often struggle to survive or launch because many producers in the space do not understand the subtle but essential regulations, compliance standards or shortcuts that are available. Unicorn has worked on over a dozen education-focused products, and thus we have learned a lot of the ins and outs, and even built proprietary software which allows us to speed up development time and market adoption.


We have had a wide variety of experience working with colleges. We developed an intranet and courseware for Michigan State University some of which was implemented at the university as a whole, and parts of which were for individual departments. Working on web products for universities is especially challenging, given the accessibility standards that they must conform to. Intimate knowledge of the history of front-end development is a must for working on college websites, including Section 508, WCAG and compliant design principles.

While building out intranets and courseware is fun, we also enjoy researching new technology and practices in collaboration with various universities. We have had some incredible experiences studying AR/VR with the University of Michigan, designing for Central Michigan University, and prototypes for Miami Dade College.


We have launched many products and companies in the Education Technology space. Either as an agency or as individuals, we have all worked on some education product over the course of our careers. Our passion project is Unicorn.TV which is a website that aims to make tech education easier and self-guided through video tutorials and blog posts. With UTV, we have created a proprietary platform on Rails that allows for an infinite number of integrations with other services and enable us to gather and quantify whatever key performance indicators we choose. Building out the Unicorn.TV platform has been rewarding as we have pivoted and evolved the platform over time and let the community shape the product into something that best suits their needs.


One of the most significant challenges is pioneering technology that has never been done before. Many educational products are hard to replicate online or are so niche that nobody has ever tried. We have built business personality assessment and education tools for companies like RoundPegg and virtual courseware and learning style inventory software for Human e-sources and many others. We hope to continue down this path of shaping the future of e-learning through partnerships and collaboration with more education institutions!