Real-world solutions

From startups to business giants, Unicorns are magical to everyone.

We have helped launch dozens of businesses from concept to corporation. We have also helped some of the biggest brands expand their reach with a new product or service. Ultimately, we just want to work with businesses of any size that share our values and passion for great products. If you think that you are a good fit, we would absolutely love to hear from you!

Some of our services, and preferred technology stack in no particular order:


We help businesses plan the development and architecture of their project. Our goal from the beginning is in setting realistic expectations and predicting the ROI of the application.


While we have limited ability to consult large businesses, we have all run startups including and before Unicorn. With our various backgrounds and connections with many incubators and investors, we can often help take a business from concept to market complete with guidance in fundraising, staffing, and operations.


Building tech teams can be very challenging. Many developers either fake their credentials or have inflated egos. We have worked with many startups and corporations alike to help find the right people for the right job. We're not headhunters by trade, but as we are Unicorns, we are great at spotting and finding the right talent.


Struggling with your brand, designing a prototype or cleaning up the user journey? We have people for that. In-house, we have a strong creative team, and we also partner with some of the leading agencies in Denver and New York.


We are very particular with the software stacks we will support in-house. If you are looking for mobile or web work, we build with React on the front-end. We prefer Ruby on Rails for web work, but will also occasionally support Go and Node.js. For mobile, we prefer to work with native languages (Swift for iOS and Java for Android) but are also experts in Ruby Motion and React Native when those languages fit the need and budget.