Unicorn.TV Edtech

We try to split our time 50/50 between consulting business and building products. On the product side, our greatest effort has been the Unicorn.TV platform. With the announcement of Swift, a new programming language from Apple launched in June of 2014, we saw a market emerge almost overnight. We siezed the opportunity and created a learning platform to help developers learn how to program with Swift to make iOS applications. The site has since grown and been adapted to other communities and languages such as Go, Ruby and JavaScript.

We have grown tremendously in our first year. Here is what we have achieved this last year:

We have also built out a proprietary content management system on Rails that supports:

What makes this product such a great case study is the speed at which we deployed it. We launched a tooling site, Swift Toolbox and the main Unicorn.TV website within a few weeks of the announcement of Swift. Our MVP was built on Rails in less than a month. After launch, we were contacted by Bleeding Edge Press to publish a book on game development in Swift, which we also turned over in a matter of weeks. It has been a little over a year since the initial launch, and our sites are now used by thousands of users. All of this has been achieved as a side project, with a small amount of design and development hours.

Our goals from here are to continue to use the Unicorn.TV network as an outlet to share content with the community and train the next generation of unicorns. We love using this case study to demonstrate the power of rapid prototyping, and getting to market as quickly as possible with a small set of features.