Tech Cocktail

TechCocktail has been a fast growing blog that is on it's way to be the next techcrunch or mashable. Our services have had no bounds with TechCocktail as we've helped them re-brand, rebuild, and re-think their entire business model and online presence. We are proud to have a relationship with such a high energy company and founders that are not afraid to push the boundaries with their brand or content presentation.

Our first task was to create a new brand loosely based on the previous logo, but updated to reflect a refocused mission of providing the tech community with the latest news delivered timely and concisely. In addition, the logo needed to also reflect TechCocktail's primary business of hosting some of the tech industries most sought after social events held around the country and in Europe for over 5 years. TechCoctail's mixers have become legendary, and our challenge in branding was to increase the visibility of the logo, and create an image that would appeal across several demographics. To date TechCocktail devotees have tweeted pictures of the logo on t-shirts from over 15 countries as far away as Dubai!

Our next task was to provide collateral and soft goods including cards, letterhead, stationery, signage and marketing pieces. We approached this task as we do all our projects, with an eye towards pushing the envelope, while creating unique and individualized solutions for each piece.

While preparing for the redesign and development of the website, our design and development teams took the necessary time and effort to make sure that the foundation of the site was solid and well planned. We spent several weeks with the TechCocktail team interviewing and consulting with existing users and contributors to ensure that we were architecting a solution that would be "future proof". Our goal was to create a design that was clean and clear, with an easy to navigate user interface. Our challenge included integrating existing content into the new design without losing the enormous currency contained in the posts dating back several years. In addition, we created a new large image format for the posts in the new design. Using our talented staff of interns, we ensures that each and every new post includes and original image that saves to separated TechCocktail's blog posts from the competition.

Our efforts are proven out in the statistics. Since launch, has risen steadily week after week in its rankings and analytics, creating more income to the bottom line, and expanding the brand every day. Not only is our work borne out by the hard facts, but each day there are the intangible benefits of the daily tweets and Facebook posts that compliment the blog for its design and content - and those are what really make all the hard work worth it!