Comcast: Spotlight

Comcast and Unicorn have worked together since spring of 2010. We have worked on many different prototypes, and product releases for the sales and marketing side of the company. Our first engagement began when Comcast set out to rebrand and redesign their sales products and tools. What seemed like a simple website at first actually had many complex features and requirements.

Comcast had already worked with six different agencies to build their website when we were contacted by them in 2010. Apparently many of these shops attempted but were stuck in trying to build out a CMS that would support the challenges involved with supporting multiple websites on a single platform. We were able to build a custom Drupal plugin in a matter of a few weeks and recuperate the costs lost by Comcast on hiring tech illiterate agencies.

Since our first engagement, we have worked with Comcast on three different website redesigns, two prototypes and one product.