Ascendant Technology

Before Ascendant Technology (aka "Atech") was acquired by Avnet, they were a very large IBM services company. Unicorn and Atech worked side by side for a few years in their Denver, Colorado offices. We serviced and consulted as a tech partner to Atech, on open source initiatives for companies such as and Red Bull.

Our first job with Atech consisted of building out the back-end CMS for a redesign of their public facing website. As Ascendant Technology was a large company, with over 400 employees in 7 countries, we knew that we would be hard pressed to implement strong access control rules and support for multiple languages. As a further experiment of Atech founder, Jim Deters, requested that we race against their own internal development team to see who could launch the new website first. Atech internal teams were building with IBM web products and had been working on the website for a few months. We had just started the project, had a fraction of the developers, and were using all open source. The result: Unicorn built out a 200+ page website in 5 weeks time, including training and support for internal content managers.

screenshot of atech website