A Case for Automation

How we helped a business increase revenue 500% in a year, by automating operational processes.

Allen Marketing Group approached us in 2017 about automating business processes for their Vacation Offers and Travel Packages services. They had no idea that a few key automations would increase their revenue by 500% in a single year. We achieved this by using Rails as a back-end to help connect the various products and API’s quickly. Leveraging Rails scaffolding and schema tools, we were able to build a full suite of business tools for AMG in six months.

Most of the overhead involved with AMG’s operations was the process of migrating data between service providers, and no other language or framework boasts as many refined modules or integration points as Ruby Gems. With 10k gems and 26B downloads, ruby and especially Rails, are a powerful force for rapid application development. In only six months, we were able to: