We're more than just a cute name

Claiming to be a unicorn is surely a bold statement, but we are bold individuals, and we stand by our claims. Our team is made up of some of the finest talent we could find. Between us, we have decades of experience in design, accessibility, marketing, engineering, mobile, e-commerce, the list goes on.

We built this company after being heavily involved in both startups and agencies over the last decade. What we have found is that regardless of the company size, the very early stages of any idea are both the most exciting and the most crucial. We specialize in taking an idea and building a product that will have real traction and generate revenue. With our focus and expertise with tools that favor rapid prototyping and integration, we can launch nearly any idea from paper to market in a matter of weeks.

Meet the Unicorns

We are very selective when it comes to adding new people to our clan. Afterall, we are unicorns and as such we can only accept other unicorns into the group. If you have never met one of these cool peeps in person, you really should sometime. Not only do we like to build cool products and companies, we also love to have a mean cup o' joe or wet our palette with a crafty beer.

Clay (McIlrath) Unicorn


Every idea starts with a plan, and when it comes to planning, there are few with skills as great as his. Almost all of our projects start with a roadmap and set of blueprints that will guide the project across milestons and ensure success.

Adam Leonard


What happens when you mix a decade of programming talent with a passion for startups? You get this guy, who knows how to guide any company through the technical challenges of creating a startup or scaling an application to millions of users.

Our Values

Do not harm. We believe success is built by willing hands, not on the shoulders and backs of those in need. We want to build great products, but only if that means we can do so without harm.

Favor life profit. Happiness is achieved through experiences and memories more than dollars and cents. Therefore, we strive to always pursue passion projects and partnerships that align with our own values.

Operate transparently. This means even from a personal standpoint, we share any challenges, conflict, doubts or opinions openly. Nobody is above a task, neither are they alone in it.

Squash drama. Problems always exist, but focusing on or exaggerating those problems only creates more tension and stress. When presenting a problem or talking drama, we counter with a positive outlook or solution.

Communicate often. We don’t work 9-5 in an office together. We have to seek out time to bond and chat whenever and wherever possible. This helps us operate more smoothly and make better decisions together.

Our Process

A product is at the heart of most businesses. Not only does a great product get your business up and running quickly, it is often a must-have to raise capital or even simply vet your idea. We believe that building products should be simple, concise, and immediately useful. To date, we have built dozens of successful products and helped each company either start or increase their revenue.

We follow a process that we have aptly named UNICORN:

Our execution of this process is more rapid and precise than approaches taken by other agencies. Your success is our success, and we take great pride and care of each business we work with. We are a product company that builds on web, desktop and mobile platforms. You have an idea, and we have a solution. Let us start this journey together and make a unicorn!