Once upon a time..

A couple of young and passionate entrepreneurs, Adam and Clay, set out to build a unique agency. In order to build great experiences and products for their clients, they knew they had to assemble a powerful team of creatives. Searching far and wide across the globe, they found some of the best designers, producers and developers the world had to offer.

..in the world of tech..

Starting first as a product company, Unicorn built mobile applications and an education platform. Setting out an a lofty goal to educate a thousand new developers in two years, the company became a strong influencer in the Swift community. In the quest the company far exceeded initial goals, and Unicorn soon evolved into a large collective of talent.

..full of hustlers.

With a strong team full of passion and experience the Unicorn collective began to focus their talents on solving complex problems for big businesses. The team partnered with engineers at Samsung, Google, Twitter, and many other industry leaders to build new experiences and solutions. This led to a growing interest in building custom software with a focus on using machine learning and neural networks in order to solve these problems.

An agency was born..

Setting out to break status quo, this group of Unicorns first established a set of guiding principles: to travel, build cool shit, and ride the bleeding edge of technology. With horns firmly planted, they charged ahead full steed into the borderlands between dreams and reality. Using a mix of AR/VR and imagination they built brand new experiences akin to something out of a science fiction film.

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