Unicorn Agency

We are a full-service agency focused on application development, tech consulting, and creative marketing.

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Our Magic Potion

We build solutions to real business problems. We've solved problems for notable tech giants like Google and Samsung. We've partnered with clients to develop and sell industry-specific applications. Our proudest achievement, however, is a business built on the foundation of friendship.

Our success is only achieved by helping our clients succeed. Our company's growth is founded on the pillars of great relationships. We focus on making our clients happy by not just being masters of our trade, but by adhering to a strict sense of core values.

Our Values

Do not harm. We believe success is built by willing hands, not on the shoulders and backs of those in need. We want to produce great products, but only if that means we can do so without harm.

Favor life profit. Happiness is achieved through experiences and memories more than dollars and cents. Therefore, we strive always to pursue passion projects and partnerships that align with our own values.

Operate transparently. This means even from a personal standpoint, we share any challenges, conflict, doubts or opinions openly. Nobody is above a task, neither are they alone in it.

Squash drama. Problems always exist, but focusing on or exaggerating those problems only creates more tension and stress. When presenting a challenge, we focus on a positive outlook or solution.

Communicate often. We don’t work 9-5 in an office together. We have to seek out time to bond and chat whenever and wherever possible. This helps us operate more smoothly and make better decisions together.